Real Estate Investment Expert Marko Rubel to Host Foreclosure Coaching Seminar in Chicago

The four-day event, which will solely feature Rubel sharing his strategies, is slated for September 27 to September 30


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2013 -- A former boxer in his native Croatia who earned a college degree but was barely making ends meet, Marko Rubel relocated to the United States to join his American-born fiancée Tammy, who is now his wife. After working in corporate America and getting downsized, the resilient Rubel entered the real estate investment arena, buying distressed properties and selling them for significant profit. Today, he is one of the most successful real estate investors in the country, and he will host a Foreclosure Coaching Seminar in Chicago from September 27 to September 30.

Money, Rubel admits, is not the most important element in life, but it does make living easier. The real estate investment coach and mentor understands this first-hand.

In 1994, Rubel was 26 and searching for a career that would give him financial comfort, health and happiness. Three years earlier, he won a boxing title in Croatia for a third time, but his parents insisted that he return to college to earn his degree. He finished his education but struggled to make ends meet, so he joined his then fiancée Tammy in Florida, where she was pursuing a degree.

“I had no money at the time, and didn’t speak one word of English,” Rubel recalled. “I sold my care, used the money to get an airplane ticket and started my new life in Florida.”

Rubel worked for Fortune 500 companies but those stints were short-lived when he was downsized. Discouraged but undeterred, he started dabbling in real estate investing by purchasing properties, rehabbing them and selling them for profit. Since 1999, he has bought hundreds of houses and made millions of dollars. Recognizing that attaining financial freedom is critical to leading a low-stress life and fulfilling dreams and aspirations, he teaches his real estate investment strategies at workshops nationwide.

The four-day event in Chicago solely features Rubel and no other speaker.

“Your goal may not be to fly around in private jets. Mine wasn't either,” Rubel said. “And you are probably not driving a Yugo like I was, but your goal should at least be to strive to have a better life. Learning these strategies can help you reach that objective.”

About Marko Rubel
Marko Rubel, one of the country’s most respected and trusted sources on investing is listed in the National Register’s “Who’s Who in Real Estate Executives & Professionals.” Over 15 years as an active investor, Marko’s proven ability to help clients become successful investors has earned him an Expert Status on the National Real Estate Investor board, which represents over 40,000 investors nationwide.