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Real Estate Investment Network Ltd. Will Host the Authentic Canadian Real Estate Program in October


Alberta, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- The Real Estate Investment Network Ltd. (REIN) has just announced that it will host the Authentic Canadian Real Estate (ACRE) Program on October 19 and 20 in Edmonton. The program will offer both the beginner and savvy investor tools, tips, and tactics about a real estate investing system that will help teach them how to grow their portfolio from zero or 100 properties.

From people who are just learning the ropes of real estate investing, and veteran real estate investors with a need for more creativity to make even more money in real estate, to those who are making a living in the real estate investing world and are looking for partners, contacts or clients, the two-day real estate seminar will equip everybody with the connections and tools they need to go forward and become wealthy.

As people who work in real estate know quite well, there is no National Real Estate Market in Canada or the United States. Real Estate viper nests and Ali Baba’s caves exist throughout North America and investors can do one of three things: take a chance on which market will bear riches or wreak financial ruin; be safe but do nothing and miss out on wealth through real estate; or become educated by real estate experts, who really do invest in strong markets and understand the property management system.

During the program, experts will explain during the real estate courses how to capitalize on the current mortgage landscape, where to invest in hot and emerging markets that have a future, and what types of properties to buy depending on peoples’ level of expertise, time or risk tolerance. A number of Canada’s top economists and analysts will also provide their insights on the fundamentals of real estate investing and insights into real estate markets across North America.

Because theory is important, attendees will also learn during the real estate course why they want to invest in certain markets by looking at the economic fundamentals; however, theory is not enough to buy the first property or creatively buy the 50th property in this market. Because of this, participants will also learn about systems, how-to’s, creative financing strategies, and asset management during the real estate investing event.

“When it comes to making money in times of economic turmoil, knowledge is power,” said REIN’s CEO, Patrick Francey. “Thousands of Canadians, from beginner to veteran real estate investors, to R.E.I.T.s, Fund Managers, and large and small companies have relied on this annual workshop to provide an accurate, well-researched picture of what’s really going on in real estate markets across North America.”

Members of the public can attend the event for $387 and bring up to two guests at a reduced price. Attendees who mention the code “PR2013” will receive a bonus package filled with real estate tips and tricks, valued at $2,399. REIN also offers a money back success guarantee, so there is no risk to attend.

For more information about ACRE Live in Edmonton, including the complete list of topics to be covered, visit www.acrelive.ca/about

About the Real Estate Investment Network Ltd. (REIN)
The Real Estate Investment Network Ltd. (REIN) has grown over 22 years to become Canada’s leading real estate research and education organization for investors and homeowners across North America. REIN conducts objective and unbiased research, and provides analysis and investor education to influence real estate investment decisions at all investment levels. For further information on REIN, visit http://www.reincanada.com