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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- License Solution, the leading provider of online real state license training in California, has calculated that approximately 80% of purchases consist of online study materials. This is a trend that is increasing through the year. Early in 2012, the percentage of orders including text books vs. online materials was close to 50%.

There are several factors that contribute to the trend of increasing popularity of online materials and the reduction of purchasing/using text books.

First, digital courses allow for the considerable reduction in cost without the need for printing services or material costs. In addition, postage is not an issue with online courses. As shipping continues to rise, it makes digital means look more attractive.

Secondly, people are becoming more familiar with using online methods for reading. Tablets and smart phones are increasingly utilized to browse online and read. The freedom to read a book anywhere at anytime by turning on your phone or tablet is far easier than carrying around a text book or two everywhere you go. It is a trend that will ultimately diminish text books. The trend that is being monitored shows that it is in fact occurring in the real estate license industry.

Last, the environmental impact of printing books, using paper and adding to the landfill waste when they are discarded is also a factor in purchasing digital courses instead of the text books. Though we can not identify the percentage of impact the "Green" students have on the move toward digital books, they do have an effect however large or small.

Real estate license schools are in a competitive market. You will find that many are moving to allow online study materials as part of their real estate license packages. The reduced cost for having digital books available to students is a no brainer and will continue to allow online schools to be competitive in the market.

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