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Real Estate Market Expert Predicts Las Vegas to Be the First to Take the Price Plunge

Las Vegas ready for the next big real estate rave!


Phillips Ranch, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- Las Vegas, the most happening town in this world is ready for a real estate makeover. Home prices drop and this has attracted home investors from across the country. Real estate in big cities like Las Vegas can be a tough puzzle to crack. The prospect of owning a home in a city with great growth potential comes with a huge price tag. But, now that home prices are witnessing a slump, for many the desire is quickly turning into reality.

This news comes straight from the horse’s mouth. Lee Honish, a known personality in real estate has a firm grip on the market. He has also dabbled as an advocate, an author and a head loss mitigator. Lee’s knowledge on the current trends in the market is always spot on and this has helped his readers get the most current news.

This news about home prices drop in Las Vegas which has been widely discussed on Lee Honish blog has received welcome relief from home investors. Those who have always wanted to reside in Las Vegas, this is a big reason to celebrate. And, for those who have always viewed the city as a potential real estate market, the prospect of investing in it sees great potential.

Lee has always been on the top of things and his resources have always been highly productive. This is the reason why his blog has close to 193 subscribers now and this number is only going to go up. Lee Honish and his contributions to this field are immense. To know more and subscribe to the blog, log onto http://honish.com/

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