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Handing Residents the Big Apple on a Silver Platter

Vadim Shtivelman shares real estate and lifestyle wisdom with New Yorkers


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2012 -- A home is an extension of one’s personality. It takes and lends character to the people residing in it. Today, homes are selected based on how much comfort, convenience, and elegance and overall happiness they can give their inmates. Choosing them, therefore, can be a greatly profiting and enriching experience when there are real estate doyens like Vadim Shtivelman sharing their expertise. He is the obvious go-to person for all those looking for Luxury apartments in Manhattan.

Finding a home that will suit the many criteria a family has is something that calls for an expansive, exhaustive approach that has to take into account a score of details. Vadim Shtivelman is one person who has a background of sales, a sweeping list of contacts from all sectors of financial capabilities and who can give the soundest possible advice with regard to choosing a home in New York. His website offers a no-nonsense list of Luxury apartments in Manhattan of different sizes right away. Those seeking habitat in the big, busy and beautiful city would be mystified with the amount of information available, and the richness of knowledge presented.

Vadim Shtivelman has a well-established network of contacts and sound knowledge of the workings of real estate trade in New York. And immigrant from Ukraine, he speaks English and Russian. He now lives in Brooklyn, NY and gets useful pointers from his architect wife. His background in Finance and Business Management has also been useful in helping him give useful, practical advice to his clients. He would have recommendations for Luxury apartments in Manhattan that would be hard to pass up.

Being structured, budget-conscious and skilled at spotting the right deals for the right parties is a highly sought after quality for a real estate agent and here is someone who possesses those attributes in full. Having been involved in the various activities which are also relevant to real estate such as preparation of documents, marketing, negotiation with vendors, advertising, prospecting and costing, Vadim Shtivelman is more than well equipped to share his keen acumen and customer service orientation for the profit of both parties. The strength of his networking database ensures that he knows people in the right areas to get a job done, expedite procedures, and have clients smile their way to their new homes.

Working in real estate calls from drive and that is something this agent has in plenty. He has unabated energy to decipher the pulse of the current market and understand their needs. His recommendations are realistic, appropriate and promising. Anyone looking for real estate sales or rental deals would do well to consider his advice in the area.

Look up the details online and visit the website for a complete overview of the services offered. The mailing address is 250 Park Avenue S., 11th Floor (between 19th and 20th street), New York, NY 10003. One can also call at 212 434 5214. There are several branch offices across New York in Upper East Side, Chelsea and Union Square. Or simply visit