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Real Food in the Real World: The Best Food Tours to Experience

Experience exotic pleasures from all parts of the world in these great food tours around the world and book a tour today.


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- There are many places to roam and experience fun in the world but the best for food lovers are food tours. Many places offer world renowned food tours and these are a few of those for delectable dining pleasures. Experience exotic pleasures from all parts of the world in these great food tours around the world and book a tour today.

China Food Tours
China has a food tour that is unbelievable with classes to learn how to cook authentic Chinese food with professional chefs to tasting the entire regional flavor. Afterwards visit local markets and pick up top secrets from the best chefs in China. There are also cultural attractions to visit such as the Forbidden City.

Ireland Food Tours
When people think of Ireland thoughts arise of potatoes but the cuisine is much more than this. Food with seafood and mussels just to start. Meet the people of Dingle’s farm and experience the local flavors of seafood delights cooked in the local pub. Afterwards visit the city of Kilkenny with old world flare and afterwards learn how to make traditional Irish bread and sample the cheese fit for Queen Elizabeth on her last visit. Dublin has a walking food trail where one can experience all sorts of Irish delights on this tour that lasts 9 days.

Gourmet Spain
Visit Andalucia and experience the old world flavors olive oils and cheeses. People can learn to cook with the local market faire and then experience delicious delights over open fire. After all this a tour through Vendimia in September which is the wine harvest and taste the delicious wines. This is a great tour that lasts for a wonderful eight days.

Taste Delights of Morocco
This tour starts in the Imperial City of Fez. Then begin to learn the art of making bread and Fassi delights. After learning these wonderful talents the tour heads to the wineries in Meknes and then off to Marrakesh. With a blend of locals and olive groves this is a different type of living than one is used to and homemade honey as well. People can get special spices in the soups. After all of this great experience head to Djemaa el-Fna and eat like kings and queens in the hidden palace restaurants with style. This tour lasts for a glorious eight days.

New Zealand’s Food Tour
Travel to Wellington in New Zealand’s capital and see all the cafes and restaurants. Try the walking tours through the city that sample all the best coffee shops and then taste all the gourmet cheeses along the way. Local delights include salmon and mutton bird. There are also plenty of places to sample plenty of different craft beers. Contact zest food tours for a reservation.

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