Real-Life Field of Dreams' Documentary Seeks Funding to Complete Faith-Based Project After Meeting Man Dressed Like Shoeless-Joe


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2015 -- Justin Nye Summers, director of 'The Baseball Bond: Our Real-Life Field of Dreams' - a documentary that follows a team of fathers and their sons as they compete in the 'Father & Son World Series - is seeking funds to see the project through completion.

He has recently launched a 'gofundme' page,' and the release of the documentary's new trailer.

So far, he has received four calls from film producers offering to help, but Justin is a bit apprehensive about this as he is worried they will take the religion out of the film, and so he he's seriously considering finishing the project himself.

"Inspired after watching 'Field of Dreams,' Justin decides he has to search for his Grandfather and unite him with his father, Miles, to save their own relationship and maybe his life.

Going with the name, "George Summers," he got from Miles' adoption certificate, Justin goes on an impossible search, which starts a chain of events no one expected, including learning about an unknown NASA connection.

"There were never any voices like in the Hollywood movie featuring Kevin Costner, but the further I dug into the past, the more the signs started pointing into the real reason for the search and my true purpose," noted Justin, who has a degree in Writing from the University of Houston Downtown and still lives in Houston Texas.

Justin started out in in the film business as an actor, but soon moved behind the camera to producing and directing. He plans on creating documentaries the focal point of his film career.

"This is my first feature length film, but I have already completed numerous short films," said Justin, who targets 'The Baseball Bond: Our Real-Life Field of Dreams' towards Christians, military and baseball lovers, but primarily conservative Americans.

Justin, who has tried and failed to give up finishing 'The Baseball Bond: Our Real-Life Field of Dreams', says that in every attempt, he "sees another sign from God that pushes" him a little further forward.

"I guess its fate, and fate you really can't fight," noted Justin, whose documentary has had the attention of many persons… some are even reduced to "tears.

"This film has my attention and my tears now," commented Denise Stillman, Owner of the Field of Dreams Movie Site, who has had seen the film's trailer.

Dwier Brown, who played the Father in Field of Dreams, added: "Wow! What a story! It's amazing how Field of Dreams Connects people."

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