Real Property Management Expands Services to Bridge Gap Between Renters and Landlords

California company takes burden off property owners while taking care of tenant needs


Chatsworth, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2014 -- According to industry statistics, California holds the third highest residential rental rate in the United States with the number continuing to increase on a daily basis. Though the population of landlords is growing as well, the number of tenants currently surpasses landlords by almost 50 percent. This leaves landlords struggling to keep up with the numerous requirements for ensuring their rental units are able to meet the demand. In an effort to help both landlords and those in need of rental homes, A. Rafal of has announced the company's expanded property management services.

Rafal affirmed, "Rental properties require endless effort on the part of the owners. From keeping them in top shape for each new renter to ensuring the property is still inhabitable once a tenant leaves, the process simply never ends. Keeping up with the constant demand is impossible for most property owners, especially those who own multiple properties or who don't live close to their rental units. This is where we step in. We cover all the bases for our clients."

Industry reports indicate the process begins with empty units ready for rental. Because landlords lose money each day a unit stands vacant, Real Property Management takes a zealous approach to advertising clients' available rentals. Prospective tenants are screened thoroughly before being deemed eligible for rental. Proof of household income is required, and credit and background checks are performed on all potential tenants over the age of 18. Once they pass these screenings, tenants are given a legally binding lease to sign.

The state of California holds landlords and renters to high standards for the protection of everyone involved in a lease agreement. Though all property management companies San Fernando Valley must ensure properties in their charge meet specific state guidelines, Rafal noted Real Property Management takes their leases a step further, confirming they comply with Fair Housing Laws and regulations from the Real Estate Commission. These laws apply to ensuring the tenants have a positive rental experience and take care of the properties they inhabit.

Regular inspections are performed to confirm renters are maintaining clients' properties as stated in their lease. These routine maintenance checks also help find any potential electrical, heating and air conditioning, plumbing and structural issues before they become a problem. Despite these inspections, emergencies tend to arise with any property, and provides around the clock emergency maintenance for such situations.

Records of maintenance and repairs are diligently kept, and clients are able to view these records online at any time. Tenants are held to strict rental payment guidelines. Should they fail to pay their rent, the company will handle the eviction process according to the laws of the state. While the law dictates there are certain situations in which real estate property management companies may not resort to eviction, Real Property Management will deal with the situation accordingly on behalf of the client.

Concluded Rafal, "Our staff consists of experienced property managers, high level accountants, and maintenance technicians trained in various fields of specialty. We provide the highest standard of residential property management Los Angeles, and our goal is to make sure our clients and our tenants are happy and well taken care of."

Real Property Management offers a full array of property management services to make sure the properties in their care are well maintained and provide a steady income for their clients. They take the responsibility off the shoulders of their property owners while ensuring their tenants have a positive rental experience.