Ridesharing Application Company, Spedsta Schedules Exclusive Workshop in Las Vegas

New event set for Feb 14th, as Spedsta’s own Vice President speaks on issues of increasing carbon emissions from cars, traffic congestion, parking restrictions, costs of car ownership and the solution of community ridesharing in Las Vegas.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2014 -- The Spedsta Ridesharing program is a simple application that will allow users to plan, start and end their rides by using Community Ridesharing with just a couple of clicks on their mobile devices. Tony Hsieh’s (Zappos CEO) recent Downtown Project is leading the way in rethinking urban living and transportation in innovative new ways. Located in downtown Las Vegas (USA), this project has leading civic, government and technology leaders investing resources, time and money to incubate and bring out the best ideas to serve the next generation of city living. Alternative transportation modes and technologies are a key to this future.

By enabling real-time and community-based ridesharing through HTML5 ready mobile phones, Spedsta software will help to achieve a more sustainable, green and economically attractive way for drivers and passengers to get around everyday. To promote this Ridesharing concept, the company has set an educational event in its honor.

The workshop is currently scheduled to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 14, 2014 at 2 to 3 pm. For full details of their venues, individuals can view the event on the company’s personal Work In Progress event page. Vice President, Harsh Wanigaratne will be presenting at this event on Spedsta’s Community Ridesharing and the Location Aware software and just how this smartphone system allows for both a smooth and convenient Ridesharing experience for its users.

The Community Ridesharing program acts as a solution for diverse commuters, but especially to younger riders. It works by eliminating the stressful travel that comes across while commuting from campus, work, or events to or from home. In recent studies, Ridesharing has also proven to be greatly effective as well as being an environment-friendly solution, with entire cities like Chicago and New York City requiring ride sharing on occasion for their residents. This is an effective alternative for drivers and riders alike, and provides a simple way to travel to the office, home or anywhere in between.

Spedsta offers unique software for the purpose of ridesharing. This easy-to-use software is instantly available through HTML5 web browsers and supports all the latest mobile devices including Apple iPhone, Windows Phones, Android Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops. The company currently has a presence in Canada and China and is looking at making this tool available to people and companies all over the globe.

For media inquires regarding Spedsta, individuals are encouraged to contact Vice President, Harsh Wanigaratne at +1 888 756 3617 or via email at info@spedsta.com. To learn more about the company or their latest workshop please visit www.spedsta.com for more information.

About Spedsta Ridesharing
If you are looking for an alternative way to travel in a future which is simpler, more fun and better for the environment then Spedsta Ridesharing (http://www.spedsta.com) is your ticket! With the latest in mobile, location-aware, mapping and safety technologies Spedsta is a company dedicated to making Ridesharing happen for members and organizations globally. With simple access to our HTML5 browser based application you can plan-your-ride, start and end-your-ride with a couple of clicks...all on your mobile phone.