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REAL YOU_REAL DEAL: Compelling New Workbook Introduces Revolutionary 'Spiritual Media Network'

Developed by Effort Mascot, the powerful new eBook challenges the best and worst in every reader, taking them to the core of who they really are and who they want to be. Introducing the world to a unique ‘spiritual media network’, the workbook prepares readers for a new complementary concept to social media; that allows them to meet new people and further their aspirations through good character and exchanges of knowledge/gifts.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- With over one billion people registered and actively using at least one social media service, the platform’s power to introduce one’s self to the world and meet others cannot be underestimated. However, according to Chicago-based Humanitarian Effort Mascot, sharing our names and faces in the current fashion doesn’t tell our complete stories.

In a bold and powerful new eBook, ‘REAL YOU_REAL DEAL’, Mascot takes readers on a very personal journey where they cut to core of who they really are and discover who they ultimately want to be. After discovering their ‘true self’, the book introduces the new and revolutionary complementary concept to social media; the ‘Spiritual Media Network’ will make social interactions more accountable, while defining each user’s true legacy.


Effort Mascot’s REAL YOU_REAL DEAL is a new and revolutionary eBook workbook that introduces a unique “spiritual media network” where passion meets with compassion. Spiritual media promises to get to the core of what actually drives us through social media and how we cope with unpredictable seasons of natural disasters, violent tragedies, war and economy.

The network will focus less on names and faces and more on our good character traits through an exchange of gifts, talents, expertise, and ideas.

As the author explains, his self-developed concept is poised to change the face of online human interaction forever.

“Within the book I celebrate social media as a resource for introducing ourselves to the world, but propose a new concept that showcases our true character. With less emphasis on names and faces, each user will get to the source of who they really are and be encouraged to participate in the network’s layer of ‘public service’,” says Mascot.

Continuing, “This promises to be a good mix where there will be an exchange of good deeds and good will that will ultimately bring humanity together for the greater good. Furthermore, the spiritual media network aspires to create a culture of accountability for our social interactions and help define, and in some cases, redefine our true legacies. The goal will be met with this unconventional system where passion meets compassion; cleverly networking individuals, families, businesses, and charities in a new way.”

With the Spiritual Media Network set to launch later this year, interested users are urged to secure their copy of Mascot’s eBook as soon as possible to become familiar with the concepts of spiritual media and public service, with a goal of conducting exploratory work to seek out information about their true selves.

“After reading the book, each user will be able to hit the ground running when we formally launch our new online network. It’s a very exciting time and we’re confident our concept can do a lot of tangible and intangible good” Mascot adds.

‘REAL YOU_REAL DEAL’ is available now for free, for a limited time only. Copies can be downloaded from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple’s iBooks, Lulu and from other eBook vendors.

For more information, visit the book’s official website: www.realyourealdeal.com

About the Author: Effort Mascot
Effort Mascot is a writer, artist, catalyst, and missionary who is excited about “igniting” passion and compassion for humanity. Effort has a background and proven track record in television, marketing, and interfaith missions.

He has worked for Harpo, Inc., (special projects, research, corporate and media relations depts., (creator "Oprah after the Show")); One Family One Child (writer) and volunteered for FIFA/World Cup and the World Federation of Great Towers. He is happily married and loves his beautiful and talented wife “GG.”