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Realitalia Sustainable Development in Tuscany

Relocating in Lajatico, Tuscany, has started to become an appealing option for many people. In order to be of assistance, Realitalia wants to come up with a real estate strategy that can allow potential buyers to purchase some of the most beautiful houses and properties in the area without disturbing the natural charm of the place. There are four main advantages to the uniques system Realitalia implements in Italy.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- Lajatico (Tuscany) is one of Italy’s most fascinating locations which combine breathtaking landscapes with great touristic development choices and famous artists like Andrea Bocelli.

Though, having an annual concert, even held by Andrea Bocelli, can only be a one-time boost of tourism in the area. For more sustainable development, are other possibilities. One of them is for people who love the area to have a property in Tuscany. If you might consider this possibility but you are not sure where to start, we would suggest Realitalia real estate. They already have some beautiful residences and are able to build any design around your imagination. Becoming an official citizen of Tuscany has its advantages: besides living a relaxed life in a wonderful surrounding, you can easily rent your house for tourists when you’re away, without any concern, thanks to Realitalia’s professional online letting system. Of course, there is a very good management system of the properties at your disposal, everything to suit the needs of you and your guests.

This is why Realitalia seeks to implement a unique system on the Italian market that can combine a perfect lifestyle with great business opportunities. According to this, there are four main advantages to purchasing a property here.

First of all, it brings a very convenient option for both owners and guests because it will allow them to relax and enjoy the Tuscany life without getting bothered by the buying or renting stress that usually appears in these situations.

Strongly related to the matter of convenience are the issues of savings on property management and online letting system. This means that the space purchased will be available to rent when the owner is out of town. Thus, financial gain is expected while at the same time a strong ongoing community will be built. A larger group of people will have the chance to visit this area and due to the online letting system neither owners nor guests will have to worry about cleaning, property management and so on because Realitalia’s administration will take care of everything.

And last, but definitely not least, there is the attention to details that is brought in the building of these properties. Each of them includes environmental friendly materials, the finest designs and uses construction methods that are meant to protect nature and the people living in it.

All these aspects are meant to contribute to the creation of a strong community that can respect the natural habitat preserved carefully for so many years while improving at the same time the local economy and business opportunities.

Being a part of this wonderful project a unique chance that should not be missed! Get involved and create a new future! For requests, please contact RealItalia +44 20 7851 4456.

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