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Reality Today Forum Now Offers Fiction Novels for Sale by Justice Gray and Taylor Storm


Alexandria, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- It is a beautiful thing when someone discovers a new series or author that they like especially in the world of fiction. Reading a fiction book allows the reader to travel and go on adventures with the readers. There is nothing like being caught up in a new thriller or crime book, and it is even better when friends can discuss the plot of the book. Now the popular community forum, Reality Today Forum, is selling an array of novels by Justice Gray and Taylor Storm.

Justice Gray has written successful novels such as Moochers in Crime, Fib to Folly, Karma in Overdrive, Cashing Out Death, Enticed to Evil, Victory via Deceit and Friends Failing Forever. This Minnesota author creates all of the characters based on real people in real situations. The books take the reader into a place of crime, suspense, and romance.

Many readers relate to the characters due to the likeliness in their own lives. Gray uses surprising plots and endings to keep the reader guessing where it will all end. The books often involve strong female characters and strong emotions.

Another popular author that Reality Today Forum is featuring on their new fiction section is Taylor Storm. Popular books by Storm include Who Are They? Who Loves Them? Who Loves Her? andWho Am I?Storm also uses real life situations for readers who will often experience characters like the ones in the books, in real life. Storm explores a variety of social situations that are sometimes controversial issues.

Storm often explores subjects such as abuse, alcohol, crime, drugs, and love, all while keeping the books in a thriller and romance setting.The books intertwine lies of abuse with sex, crime, suspense, and drama. The entire Who--?series is available at Reality Today Forum.

Reality Today Forum also features a variety of non-fiction books that involve subjects such as cooking, investment, real estate, and learning. The site also offers other fiction books and short stories. This unique forum also offers books especially for Kindle in eBook form.

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