Real Money Blueprints Teaches Real Ways to Earn Money Online Through Online Mentoring launches online coaching on September 15 2013 to teach every aspect of making extra money online with experienced entrepreneurs to help newbies up to intermediate level.


Fayetteville, WV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- Given the unexpected length and impact of the Global Financial Crisis, one inevitable consequence has been the widespread desire of many individuals across the world to seek effective ways to make extra money. Plus, with unemployment at record levels in many countries, a great number of people are just looking for any income, let alone extra income. However, the Web offers unparalleled opportunities for education, training, mentoring and coaching on virtually any topic, regardless of an individual’s physical location.

As the CEO of Real Money Blueprints, Keith Wright, explains, “though a lot of people possess the desire to make money online or make extra income on the internet, very few individuals actually have the necessary skills, training or experience to make that a reality, especially if they are starting from a knowledge base of virtually zero. That’s the beauty of because we only employ experienced internet marketers as tutors for live training with our students. There really is no better education available online today for learning how to make money online or extra money from home. Believe me, we’ve looked and there just isn’t this depth of information and live coaching available in this comprehensive way anywhere online.”

Given that students can be freed from the tyranny of geographical location via the Internet, the Real Money Blueprints expert team can reach and coach virtually anyone in the world provided that the student has Internet access and a basic grasp of English language. In the future, Real Money Blueprints intends to add Spanish and Portuguese mentors to its team and that will then mean that aspiring entrepreneurs in Southern Europe, Central America and South America can also participate in the online business revolution. Following that stage, Real Money Blueprints will subsequently offer online commerce mentoring in other languages such as Turkish, Polish, Russian, French, German, Italian, Mandarin and Japanese. Keith Wright also stated that, “ecommerce is less developed in most non-English countries and that means even more opportunities than in English language markets where bigger brands such as Amazon are gradually dominating more niches.”

According to the management team at Real Money Blueprints, learning how to make money online is not particularly difficult if a student receives the right coaching from experienced mentors before embarking on a potentially painful and loss-making journey of failure which is very common online. In terms of content delivery, Real Money Blueprints uses Skype extensively along with webinars, podcasts, video streaming, PDF blueprints, live IM chat and conventional emails. A series of mobile apps are also in development but won’t be immediately available when launches on September 1, 2013.

About Real Money Blueprints
Real Money Blueprints is a Fayetteville-based, internet-oriented operation in West Virginia driven by the growing need for greater financial literacy and economic competency in the general online public. Real Money Blueprints currently employs 10 knowledge workers, has a presence in 6 countries and is looking to expand into 22 more nations within the next 3 years.

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