Insists Paid Web Traffic Outperforms Organic SEO


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/11/2016 -- has been in the providing websites highly targeted web traffic, from Google, since 2005. Over the years, Realsearchresults has generated traffic to sites that no other SEO or SEM company could figure out how to get the job done for. The secret has been paid website traffic, as opposed to organic SEO.

A spokeswoman told us: "Too many site owners have some kind of strange notion that the only valuable traffic to get to a website is organic traffic. But that is a completely false and naïve notion. Paid traffic gets immediate and lasting results. Organic can take years to get right, and doesn't last long, because Google is always changing their criteria for why and how to get a site onto page 1."

The Realsearchresults spokeswoman went on to say: "The fact is that paid website traffic generates instant leads, on day 1, when done right. And that jump starts a websites profits, and secures their place on page 1 of the web immediately. Customers don't care how they found you. If your site meets their needs, you will make sales." has hadan especially strong record of generating traffic for small businesses. Websites that usually get lost in the crowd, competing against companies with giant budgets, are Realsearchresults favorite sites to work with.

Their spokeswoman told us: "At Realsearachresults we can get any site onto page 1, and we can do it at pennies on the dollar compared to any of our competitors. A lot of websites aren't allowed on Google PPC, due to restrictions on the type of sites Google allows. In such cases, we know how to do other things like PPV, to still generate massive traffic to a site."

About is a U.S. based search engine marketing company that can generate highly targeted traffic to any website, at a reasonable price, using PPC or PPV. They provide free website consultations and evaluations, too.

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