Realtor Innovates the Home Buying Process with Crowdfunding Site


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- When a local Realtor watched as his client offered $30,000 over asking price in order to compete with private investors and hedge funds using all cash to buy a home, he never knew that the idea he had that day would become a reality. Now the local Realtor is making his way into the crowdfunding industry to help potential homeowners raise the down payment needed in order to buy a home with

“Who would have thought that on a day when a client had to offer $30,000 over the asking price just to be in the game would also bring hope for home buyers” states Realtor Aaron Mighty. He has started what many would have thought unlikely in the current improving housing market, an even playing field. Building a site of this type from the ground up all on the simple basis that people should come first not hedge funds.

Not only will provide qualified home buyers an opportunity to put down more on a home to compete against hedge funds, who seemingly are buying up every quality home on the market for rentals, but it will also open up more opportunities for homeownership to working class families who have been struggling to bridge that gap between renting and owning.

So how will this new crowdfunding site work? works by bringing together qualified home buyers who will start a down payment campaign and contributors who would like to assist them in raising funds to be used as a down payment on a first home via social media and direct interaction.

On July 4th, will have a soft launch allowing the first 100 who join to start a campaign. “We thought it was only fitting to launch on the birthday of American to show that the future of the American dream of homeownership has never been brighter” says Mighty.

So will change the home buying process? Only time will tell if the concept is viable but the idea is innovative.

For more information on the launching of please contact:

Aaron Mighty
(407) 914-7799