MassMailer, Inc.

Realtors Agree: Mass Mailer Is the Real Deal

Leading Carolinas Realtor Sings the Praises of the Native Salesforce Mass Email Solution


Fremont, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2016 -- Business owners across the country are constantly on the lookout for a way to streamline their efforts, to make life easier for their employees as much as possible. From efforts to maximize workplace efficiency, to simply shipping their product more rapidly – there are so many innovative ways to increase revenue, and it is a list that never appears to stop expanding. When a leading realtor from the Carolinas sought to increase their upper limit on mass emails, they searched high and low to find a worthy application. One day, their CRM Specialist discovered MassMailer, and the company hasn't looked back ever since. They've enjoyed complete control, unlimited email usage, and a native Salesforce app that does exactly what they need and only what they need.

"We pride ourselves on being able to leverage technology to help our agents get the job done, which is sell real estate, and MassMailer does exactly that," explained a representative from the Real Estate company. He continued, saying "MassMailer allowed us to give our users, our agents, a solution that is built into Salesforce, that is native to it."

Prior to using the MassMailer application, this Carolina realtor had trouble staying on top of their customers. Mass emails were used regularly, but the 1,000 email per day per organization limit built into Salesforce was hampering their ability to thrive. After reviewing the app, their team found that MassMailer was the perfect solution for the company's needs. In addition to the unlimited emails, MassMailer featured detailed reporting on open rates, click rates, and other essential reporting features that give visibility into how campaigns are performing. In the end, it was a veritable match made in heaven.

About MassMailer, Inc.
MassMailer, Inc. began in 2012 as a solution for bypassing the email limitations used by Salesforce. The team at the Fremont-based company noticed that there was no native solution available in the market to serve their needs, and from there they decided to build a solution. The in-house mass email solution they created eventually solved the same problem for many of their customers. Today, MassMailer is the most effective email solution on Salesforce, helping thousands upon thousands of individuals across the country.