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West Islip, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2015 -- is pleased to announce that the company is a leading source for social media buys, one way back links and web traffic. At present, the firm boasts more than five thousand active customers. It strives to assist online businesses in having a valuable internet and social media presence. The company has been offering its customers a way to buy targeted website traffic since its launch in 2004.

Thanks to competition and the sheer volume of information which is available on the internet, obtaining website traffic can seem like an overwhelming task. The professionals at Realtrafficsource help to cut that task down to size, allowing business owners to focus on other aspects of becoming a successful entrepreneur. The goal of the online traffic providing firm is to ensure the success of their customers' efforts.

At a low price for orders, there can be thousands of targeted visitors to a client's website within a matter of hours. Compared to the hundreds of dollars which would be spent on expensive ads, banners and other forms of marketing methods, a price of just under $10 seems hard to believe. The price is a one time payment, rather than a monthly fee for business.

Targeted website traffic can be purchased using any of several filters. The packages direct visitors to customer's website by the hundreds and thousands. They increases sales, affiliate offers and CPAs income. The redirected 100 per cent U.S. traffic package is comprised of real people who are interested in the purchase of the product or service. The redirection of USA traffic has been found to be an effective internet marketing strategy. Other locations of targeted traffic can also be defined.

Realtrafficsource also provides targeted email lists. This form of traffic generation I more effective and less costly than other types of direct marketing and advertising. The email campaign begins within two to three days of payment and is completed within seven days.

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