Seo Gladiator - Cavender Real Estate Group Ventures Into the Crowdfunding Market


Mansfield, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2015 -- is a recently launched crowdfunding website that has been created exclusively to cater to the needs of the real estate market. The firm behind the new crowfunding platform, Cavender Real Estate Group announced their entry into the crowdfunding market with the launch of their website which will assist in lending specifically for ALL real estate campaigns. The website will serve as a bridge between investors and entrepreneurs by creating a favorable online environment that follows the basic principles of equity crowdfunding.

Upon the introduction of, Gary Cavender, President and long-time Home Builder/Real Estate Developer, said: "We are entering the crowdfunding lending market to not only fund our real estate projects but to assist other small and medium size entrepreneurs and home builders across the country to access capital for their projects on a national platform."

Equity Crowdfunding is a newly established concept that is based investment model of crowdfunding. An Equity Crowdfunding platform such as for real estate ventures requires, entrepreneurs seeking capital to pitch their ideas, venture details online to venture capitalists or investor generally referred to as the crowd. These companies looking for investment through equity crowdfunding are unlisted meaning they are not on a stock market, by going online they open themselves to a larger pool of potential investors.

Alex Cavender, Vice President of Construction and Technology, stated "With the recent passage of the Jobs Act, we are able to now offer real estate investment opportunities that did not exist 2 years ago. Bridging the current technology with old school real estate knowledge and practical experience will make our website stand out as we track the successful performance of our projects and others through this invaluable real estate application."

The main objective as stated by the developers of Realty-Block is to provide a viable alternative to online crowdfunding platform that ask for hefty charges and fees which most entrepreneurs who are just starting out cannot afford. As a crowdfunding platform the website will provide both investors and entrepreneurs a system that acts on transparency and efficiency across every level of real estate investing.

Cavender Real Estate group will be unique in that they will assist in lending specifically for ALL real estate campaigns. We will monitor the projects through our proprietary field app set to release at the end of the year that provides investors real-time information about their real estate investments," Gary added.

About Realty-Block
Realty-Block is a Cavender Real Estate Group Venture, the founders of Realty-Block have been in the real estate nearly 40 years, with roughly over 2500 acres developed, $1 Billion in capital returned to investors.Some of the companies they have worked with are Stand Pacific, Signature Homes, Aspen Financial, Freddie Mac, and more.

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