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RealWood Brazilian Decking from Brazilian Wood Depot Superior to Composite Decking in Nearly Every Way

Decks Made from Brazilian Woods such as Ipe are Sturdy, Long-Lasting and Beautiful


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- One of the emerging trends with a residential deck today is the utilization of Brazilian hardwood, which provides an array of amazing benefits for homeowners. When compared head-to-head to more popular options such as composite decking, Brazilian decking with RealWood™ certification comes up as the winner on every front.

High quality Brazilian woods have amazing strength and durability. For example, Ipe wood decking carries a Janka hardness rating of 3,680, three to four times that of composite decking, and six times that of another popular choice, pine.

Ipe has a shear strength of 2,060, two to four times greater than composite decking, and a bending strength measured at 25,400 psi, an amazing five to 17 times greater than composite materials.

RealWood™ certified Brazilian decking lumber is also naturally resistant to rot, mold and insects. Ipe lumber and other Brazilian woods even come with the same Class A fire rating which concrete has.

Brazilian hardwoods also provide a natural beauty, with a range of vibrant and aesthetically pleasing colors, grains and textures. There's nothing quite like it, and whether it's the orange-tint of Tigerwood, the tan of Jatoba or the olive-brown of Ipe, there's something to match any home.

Not only are Brazilian hardwood decks affordable, but they provide a much lower cost of ownership over the years compared to composite materials. A deck made from hardwood lumber has vastly reduced needs for maintenance, providing lower costs for repairs, treatments and so forth.

Additionally, choosing something such as Ipe wood decking will provide a deck which lasts for a lifetime, standing up to the elements and conditions for four times as long as a composite deck, or more. This means it will literally never have to be replaced, paying for itself multiple times, while increasing a home's resale value as well.

A Brazilian wood deck is a true investment in quality and longevity which will continue to provide homeowners with benefits for decades. When compared head-to-head to composite decks, there simply isn't much of a comparison at all.

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Brazilian Wood Depot is the southeast's premier importer of Brazilian hardwoods. These beautiful, durable woods, including ipe, garapa, cumaru, jatoba, massaranduba, purple heart and tigerwood, come in a variety of attractive colors, and can be utilized for gorgeous decks, siding and more. All of the woods sold by Brazilian Wood Depot receive RealWood™ Certification. For more information, visit or their blog filled with photos, projects and tips at To directly speak with a representative for pricing and other details, call 770.242.0045.