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Reasons to Love Spin Class


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2014 -- Spin class is an excellent way to burn calories, tone muscle, and improve cardiovascular health. For some, however, the thought of riding a bike indoors loses the main appeal of this traditional outdoor activity. Because Spinning and indoor cycling are such unique workouts, there are good reasons for a person to stay inside and attend a spin class to see how it can benefit their health.

One thing that separates a spin class from traditional biking is the addition of music, a certified instructor, and lighting changes that can increase entertainment value and keep the mind and body occupied. Where outdoor cycling can be mundane going over the same trails, spin classes are full of constant changes in music, environment, and that all important factor of human interaction.

Music can add power to any workout. In fact, research has shown that those who exercise to music work harder than those who go without. Spin classes offer a variety of musical selections, but there is something to be said for pedaling faster to a steady loud beat and relaxing in a stretch to soothing vocals. It restarts the mind and can push a person physically to achieve more.

In addition to pushing the body physically through music, spinning pushes the body to max cardio levels but offers lower resistance for beginners as well. It’s fully customizable for each fitness levels, and offers reduced impact from running or other high intensity aerobic classes. Participants leave class feeling challenged but not fatigued, and ready to hit the bikes again in a few days.

Though the main movement is pedaling, spinning is an all-over body workout. Standing up on the bike during simulated uphill climbs works the abdominals and shoulders, and the glutes are utilized during pace drills and interval cycling workouts.

Next time the weather is bad and biking outdoors is not an option, hit up a spin class to wheel in the benefits of this fantastic workout.

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