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REBATH Uses Next Generation Bathroom Product to Replace Acrylic


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2013 -- The bathroom remodeling industry continues to advance year after year, and since RE-BATH partnered with Spartech Company they were able to develop a product called Durabath SSP. As one of the largest manufacturers of acrylic material, this next generation product is going to change the way bathroom contractors remodel homes and bathrooms in particular. When it comes to Philadelphia bath remodeling, having the most durable, long lasting, cost-effective, low maintenance products are what homeowners want.

Many homeowners will ask what is the Durabath SSP made out of it is not acrylic? The new technology is made from a solid surface polymer. Although this is quite similar to acrylic products, it is far more durable and long lasting. Being a fairly new technological advance in the materials that are used in bathroom remodels, some may be concerned that they are not up to par or safe. RE-BATH has made sure that the product and material they are offering reaches all the public safety standards, is tested and approved. They are confident in their Durabath SPP product so much that they are offering property owners a lifetime warranty.

During development of the product, RE-BATH wanted to make sure the product was non-porous so that no water can seep through and cause mold issues or other water damage. Homeowners that have an existing bathroom or shower with tiles might find on occasion mold growing in the grout or crevices of the tiles, however with the polymer material no mold or mildew is able to grow. Therefore, eliminating the need to scrub the grout lines and tiles, eliminating any type of hazardous bathroom conditions. RE-BATH is confident that the Durabath SSP is a great product and one of the best selections when it comes to a bathroom remodel. For those who are interested in a renovation or looking to decrease bathroom maintenance, and have it looking beautiful for years to come call RE-BATH.

RE-BATH is the world's largest bathroom remodeler. RE-BATH has been remodeling bathrooms since 1979, and has done over 1 million bathrooms to date. RE-BATH is top notch when it comes to bathroom design ideas in Philadelphia. They use the top quality products and install only DURABATH SSP material. With years of experience, coupled with the RE-BATH Lifetime Warranty, they are able to provide exceptional quality work and service to meet everyone's budget.

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