Rebel Mouse Highlights the Benefits of Nuwave PIC


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- Enabling its users to cook with ease and precision, Nuwave PIC continues to gain popularity in the market due to integrated cooking features giving users a new style of cooking experience at home.

To date, there are lots of technology-based cooking tools that are being sold in the market to help people cook easier and faster and achieve great tasting foods as a result. Among these popular kitchen tools is the Nuwave PIC. Many agree that this product can eliminate the need for a kitchen as it allows users to cook in any room inside the home or anywhere and produces delicious and tasty meals due to precise cooking.

Nuwave PIC is a revolutionary kitchen device that enables users to save in their energy consumption as well as avoid the mess typically associated when cooking using a stove. This device is also said to be of great use during emergency situations like when the regular cooktop is not available for use. It provides a professional induction cooking, enabling users to prepare any sort of food efficiently and conveniently while consuming 70% less energy.

This new kitchen device is equipped with six varying temperature settings that can be pre-programmed, which enables users cook any type of food at different cooking temperature enough to produce great tasting results. It provides cookers flexibility in cooking with its 52 varying temperatures that ranges from 100°F to 575°F. In addition, Nuwave PIC is also engineered to have a programmable stage cooking functionality. See for more details.

The product is very versatile to use as it enable users to simmer, boil, sauté, stir-fry, steam and seam melt and grill, barbecue and slow cook foods. The product also consumes less space inside the kitchen or anywhere at home and is compact in size and portable. It is designed to have safety features with its automatic shut-off. The product is also healthy friendly as it there are no harmful toxins that come out of the cooker when cooking unlike other similar products in the market today. It is safe, very durable and easy to clean kitchen device that enable users cook like a chief. The product is sold in Amazon store.

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“I like my Nuwave induction cooktop. I found it to be somewhat versatile. I didn’t like the electric stove in my house. I began using one of these PIC cooktops and hardly needed to use an electric burner again. One has to understand that a pan must be magnetic to be usable. This is easy to test. I bought a small inexpensive magnet to use when I seek other cookware. Much of my cookware already worked. The only item I need to get is a deeper small sauce pan. Induction cooktops don’t release as much heat.”-----Eric,

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