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Reboot Marketing LLC Kicks off Natural Disaster Preparation Campaign

Company launches campaign to highlight the importance of being prepared for a crisis


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- FEMA, the agency responsible for handling natural disasters in the United States, has already declared 16 major disasters in 2014 and it's only May. In 2013, the agency declared 62 disasters while in 2011 this number came in at 99. Sadly, these declarations don't include emergency declarations or fire management assistance declarations. If these numbers were to be included, 2011 would hold the top spot for disaster declarations over the past 61 years, with 242 total disaster declarations during that 12 month period.

"Americans need to be prepared for a natural disaster at any time. Many believed Washington would be hit with a tsunami long before 41 people perished in a landslide with two still unaccounted for. One never knows what the future holds which is why Allen Baler of Reboot Marketing highlights the importance of being prepared for this type of crisis situation as preparation significantly improves one's chances of survival," Timm Bates of Reboot Marketing explains.

The world population continues to skyrocket and natural disasters are rising, as seen by the above statistics. Many assume natural disasters have been occurring on this scale for centuries now with people becoming more aware of them thanks to technology. As the statistics collected by FEMA show, this isn't the case. More disasters are occurring,with 80 percent related to the climate in some way. Thanks to increasing deforestation, environmental degradation, and urbanization, the intensity of the disasters is significantly greater.

"One must prepare for disasters such as this and the easiest way to do so is to ensure one has a stockpile of clean drinking water and food. Transportation may be halted as a result of the disaster, leaving humans with limited access to food and clean sources of water until help can reach the home or office. Humans can live without many things, yet clean water is essential and food isn't far behind on the list," Bates continues.

Many stockpile cans in preparation for a crisis situation and this is a smart move. More and more, however, are choosing to turn to long-term food survival solutions such as those offered by Food4Patriots. Survival food offered through this company comes with a shelf life of 25 years, when stored properly. In addition, the company offers water purification systems to ensure all have clean drinking water available until regular sources are restored.

"Humans require water, food, and shelter to survive. Make sure to have enough on hand to provide for family members for a minimum of three days. Some families choose to stockpile enough for seven days while others feel anything less than a one year supply is inadequate. Although the amount to be stockpiled remains a personal decision, every person in America needs a three day emergency supply. Anything less remains unacceptable in today's changing world," Bates proclaims.

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