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Recent Missions Abroad with the When In Need Foundation


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2016 -- The When In Need Foundation is known around Philadelphia for their recent charitable deeds involving school children, disadvantaged families and individuals in need. The foundation has spent years donating goods, services and money to those who are most in need both domestic and abroad. In recent months, the foundation has traveled abroad to serve men women and children all over the world.

On June 28th, founder and CEO of The WIN Foundation, Ms. Chetachi Ecton was interviewed on The Tom Joyner Morning Show. She spoke about the purpose of the foundation, providing water, farming, healthcare and shoes to those in need around the world.

On May 3rd, the foundation went to Nigeria to commission a new water system to a community of more than 30,000 residents. The families in the region had lost hope of ever receiving a system capable of giving them clean drinking water until The WIN Foundation stepped in. The community celebrated the state-of-the-art system by dancing at its unveiling.

Prior, on April 26th, The WIN Foundation hosted an awareness program in Abuja, Nigeria. The theme of the program was "Restoring Hope in Humanitarian Work." Ms. Chetachi Ecton, the president of the foundation, welcomed the guests and presented a scholarship to one of the children in attendance. Members of the foundation shared a presentation highlighting the recent ventures and missions that they had been on and the communities they had affected.

On April 29th, the foundation traveled to the Samuel Njemanze Memorial Primary School in Nigeria. Volunteers and members donated hundreds of pair of shoes and educational supplies to the students there.

On July 9th, The WIN Foundation will be hosting their Sports 4 A Cause event in Corona, NY, to inspire hope in children. All in all, the past months have been filled with meaningful giving from The WIN Foundation. To learn more about the foundation's donations to African education and globally, or learn more about donating to an African NGO, interested parties are encouraged to visit the website at http://www.winfound.org/.

About When In Need Foundation
When In Need Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization that seeks to assist people in disadvantaged communities globally on various initiatives. WiN provides grants for students and young professionals to continue their education and career in addition to supporting schools, orphanages and various hostels assisting less fortunate globally. Through community outreach, the group raises public awareness about educating individuals on preventing health issues. Minorities are provided with educational grants and financial support for education with donations generated from the foundation's efforts.