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Recent OSHA Citations for Forklift Violations Highlight Need for Accurate Forklift Data

Operating forklifts outside of their true capacity can lead to injury, damage, fines


Mount Pleasant, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- Recent incidents involving lift truck-related injuries have highlighted the importance of accurate capacity forklift data plate. While forklifts have standard capacity ratings provided by the manufacturer, numerous factors can affect the actual operating capacity. These include the operating environment, operation height, load configuration, and the addition of attachments and accessories. OSHA has reported several recent violations that have resulted in significant injury, as well as steep fines for the companies involved.

“It is imperative that forklift operators have accurate information about a lift truck’s true capacity to ensure a safe work environment," explains a representative. “Our calculator is designed to help businesses easily account for the factors that can affect a lift truck’s safe capacity and create accurate guidelines for operators.” offers an easy-to-use capacity calculator that allows businesses to accurately gauge the true safe operating capacity of their equipment. By entering information such as the attachments used, load shape and lift height, companies can create accurate data that can then be used since it follows the OSHA Forklift Regulations data plates. This ensures that anyone operating or working with the lift truck has accurate data for increased safety in operation.

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