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Recent Scientific Study Suggests Owning a Dog Can Make a Person Look Ten Years Younger


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- Dog owners have a very good reason to rejoice.  A recent study from Scotland has revealed that dog ownership delivers a tremendous benefit well beyond the usual ones that people may think of most often, like companionship and protection.  Owning a dog can actually make a person appear much, much younger.

“If you have a dog in the home, your physical activity level is roughly equivalent to a person ten years younger,” commented Scottish researcher Dr Zhiqiang Feng, of St Andrews University.  “It may not add a decade to your life, but it is very beneficial – it is all about getting up and out and about.”

Dr Feng went on to explain that just as important as the physical benefits, his research pointed toward dog owners also being much less prone to depression.  The companionship of dog ownership acts as an effective and safe emotional boost, and guards against things like loneliness that can be a true disaster for a person's health.

The research covered close to 500 people over the age of 75 from the Tayside community in Scotland who all lived within 60 miles of each other.  The research covered a seven day period and the results clearly showed the dog owners showed signs of being healthier, more energetic and much less prone to depression.

Dr Feng went on to seriously suggest dog ownership as a wise health decision, especially for people older than 65 years, where the benefits seem to be most prevalent and a dog can truly help a person avoid becoming inactive as later years begin to set in. Dogs may be man (and woman's) best friend after all.

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