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Recent Statistics Show Back Pain to Be a National Problem Among Australians


Canberra, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2013 -- A recent article in The Medical Journal of Australia noted that statistics show that nearly 80% of Australians will deal with back pain in their lifetime. That pain not only results in increased healthcare costs, but can also disrupt quality of life and even result in significant disabilities. Understanding that back pain has become a significant problem among Australians, one local Canberra chiropractor, Murray Fisher, responds by offering quality chiropractic care to patients, focusing on relieving and preventing back pain.

Studies within Australia have found that back pain is one of the top burden-imposing diseases, with 10% of individuals experiencing back pain dealing with severe limitations. Not only is back pain a big problem, but national surveys have also shown that back pain has continued to become more prevalent over time. While back pain is often thought to be a problem for only middle-aged individuals, statistics show that back pain is a very common long-term health condition in young adults and teenagers as well.

With so many Australians dealing with back pain, Murray Fisher, a Canberra chiropractor, works hard to seek out the source of back pain in patients. He feels that this pain works as a warning that should not be ignored. When treating patients with back pain, Fisher focuses on finding the source of the back pain. According to Fisher, “At our clinic, our aim is not just to deal with the pain, but to locate and correct its underlying cause. The cause of pain that chiropractors are trained to deal with are spinal misalignments. These misalignments can produce pain at various sites throughout the body by placing pressure on the nervous system.”

For many Australians, focusing on regular chiropractor visits may be an excellent way to eliminate back pain. The correction of subluxations not only helps to eliminate pain and other symptoms, but it also helps to prevent future pain, helping the body achieve peak health. Individuals dealing with back pain often have difficulty sleeping and moving, which is why eliminating that pain can offer so many benefits. “My goal is to help you feel better, sleep better and begin to move better…my sincere goal is to ensure that every member of the Canberra community can receive the very best in chiropractic care as a pathway to optimum health,” states Fisher.

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