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Recent Studies Show that Popular Diets May Deplete the Body of Vital Nutrients


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2011 -- Two recent studies published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition reported that popular diets like Atkins and Zone may leave the body lacking in a number of key nutrients. These micronutrient deficiencies put the body out of balance, which can negatively affect health and long-term weight loss results.

The takeaway for potential dieters is that any successful diet must include foods that are nutrient dense and/or be augmented by nutrient supplement programs that provide the essential vitamins and minerals critical for long-term health. Supplements have become the leading choice in dietary augmentation to give the body the nutrients that popular diets may be inadequate in delivering.

Since not all supplements are made the same, dieters must be highly discerning about their choices. Many supplements utilize low quality ingredients and poor formulating processes that don’t ensure maximum disintegration, absorption and bio-availability of the nutrient. Incorrect nutrient ratios can affect absorption and lead to deficiencies in certain minerals.

There are a number of nutritional supplement programs currently available that meet the necessary absorption standards. Some, like the well known fat burning and nutritional cleansing program Isagenix (sometimes misspelled Isogenics) add the dimension of nutritional cleansing whilst providing the body with the right balance of essential nutrients. The goal of supplemental nutrient programs like Isagenix is to provide optimum nutrition while removing toxins and impurities that can hamper weight loss results.

Before making any choice of nutritional supplement, dieters must do their homework on any proposed diet as well as the supplement. Reversing and controlling obesity while promoting optimum health requires more than the narrow focus on short-term weight loss.

While most diets vary in their ability to produce maximum results, the same can be said for many supplements in bridging that potential nutrient gap. To avoid these pitfalls, dieters should look for published studies or clinical trials that reveal the efficacy of both diet and nutrient supplement programs with real-world results. Nutrient supplement and body cleanse programs recommended by your local health food store are usually of a higher quality.

With high nutrient absorption and long-term health as the guiding principle, dieters can more easily evaluate where diets like Atkins may fall short and how diet supplemental programs like Isagenix may help bridge the gap. The dieter must do the research and as always, consult their physician before starting a diet or making any major lifestyle changes. The end goal is not only a slimmer body, but a healthier body.

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