Recent Survey Results Shock BCRC Experts

A recent survey reveals that almost half of consumers aren’t checking their credit reports.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2014 -- (BCRC) is an industry leading review website, known for their thorough research into credit repair companies. Their experts were interested in how many consumers took the time to check their credit reports. They distributed a survey to hundreds of consumers, and received back these shocking results:

How often do you check your credit report?
A) Never – 47 percent
B) Once a year – 25 percent
C) Once a month – 16 percent
D) Semi-annually – 12 percent

47 percent of the consumers surveyed never check their credit reports and only 12 percent check their reports semi-annually. BCRC was disappointed with this news because there is still a growing amount of consumers that are struggling with credit repair.

"Although I was expecting to see these types of results, it is a little concerning to see that there are still so many consumers that do not pull their credit reports at all." said the BCRC website manager, Carlie McKeon.

BCRC has a team of experts who are constantly researching the best credit repair companies and practices for consumers. As their experts looked more into the results of this survey, they found some interesting facts when comparing demographics.

While comparing results of the surveyed consumers by geography, they found their most significant statistic. Of those consumers who never check their credit reports, 58.4 percent reside in the Northeast of the US and 39.4 percent live in the Midwest.

Experts found a couple more intriguing points in their comparison by age. 18.3 percent of the consumers who check their credit reports semi-annually, which is the most correct answer, were between the ages of 55-64. The 18.3 percent were the highest percentage of consumers with that response. However, that same age group made up 52 percent of the consumers who never check their credit reports.

Consumers may be hesitant to pull their credit reports often because they do not want to hurt their credit. But consumers actually qualify for one free credit report from each major credit bureau a year. These three free credit reports a year will have no effect on a consumer's credit score.

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