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Recipes Get Dynamic New eBook Style Reader Offered by Sunrise Images


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Sunrise Images, online retailer of unique niche gifts, announces their offering of the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader. Created by a company in Austin, TX, the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader holds over one million recipes, enough recipes to fill 25,000 cookbooks. Binder to binder the equivalent number of physical cookbooks would run half a mile long. The Key Ingredient Recipe Reader is a hardened device much like an ebook reader, which connects wirelessly to a vast online database of recipes. Sunrise Images wants their customers to know that one of the main selling points of the device is its hardened casing, which can take spills and splashes in the kitchen. The seven inch touchscreen is made of sealed and shatterproof glass. The device offers adjustable font sizes and automatic screen rotation.

The Kitchen Recipe Reader can work from anywhere, the kitchen, outside at a barbecue, and at the grocery store. It will work over any WiFi connection, syncing with the users free recipe database and community account or going onto the web with its own Internet capable browser. Built in features like measurement conversion and ingredient substitution contributed to Sunrise Images choosing The Key Ingredient Recipe Reader as a featured product. The device can quickly make measurement conversions or make ingredient substitution recommendations while in the kitchen or at the store, the idea being this makes the device a truly unique cooking companion in a class by itself. A free online community account comes with purchase of the the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader, allowing for auto-syncing of new recipes and instant access to any collections the user creates on any computer or device. It's built-in stand, one-tap adjustable font sizes and automatic screen rotation allow for hands free use. Described as its most unique feature, its three built-in timers allow for juggling dishes with all cooking functions being kept in one place.

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