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ReciProty.com Pledges to Re-Establish Community Support System of 'Yesteryear', Via Online Support & Networking Platform

When its creator needed guidance and resources to help her cope with her personal tribulations, support wasn’t forthcoming. Taking matters into her own hands, Renee Wilbur set out to create an online community platform that could re-establish the support of days gone by, helping individuals and businesses thrive in their pursuits.


Beaverton, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- Renee Wilbur has endured a lot of tragedy and despair. From the self-destructing acts of many relatives (causing her to lose two Brothers and a Sister) to the diagnosis of four abscesses in her Husband’s brain during 2008, she attempted to reach out to the community for support on numerous occasions.

Struggling to find the people and resources that she needed, Wilbur set out to assist others.

The result is ReciProty (pronounced Re-sip-row-tee), a new community networking website which is aiming to re-establish the community support spirit that once existed across the country.

“We actually aim to improve on this community spirit by moving the concept into the twenty first century,” Wilbur explains.

She continues, “ReciProty provides a place where members do not have to scramble and search endlessly for the reliable support, resources, and information they need; thus, bridging the gap between needs and resources. It harnesses and organizes world-wide resources and funnels them to a local level, offering support and opportunities that brings people together within minutes, so they can support each other online or in person, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.”

Even in its early stages, the site boasts over a thousand categories. These are allowing its members to share reliable resources, local events and information with other members.

Business owners are benefiting by promoting their services, networking to obtain the resources they need, generating leads, increasing their sales and connecting to existing and new customers.

ReciProty even allows those with limited income to access money-making resources. Others are shopping locally, supporting one another, their non-profit organizations and a myriad of causes which strengthens their community and ultimately themselves.

“In just minutes, people can now find what it took me years to discover. We are all in need of help now and then and nobody can succeed without the constructive support of others. When in need, especially when emergencies occur, local resources and opportunities are priceless. I truly believe that we all have a purpose in life, and that my vision for ReciProty comes from my personal and professional experiences, that were meant to occur, in order to relate to and help so many other people,” Wilbur adds.

The site has recently rolled out on a nation-wide basis, allowing anyone on U.S. soil to create a profile to begin their social integration.

As the community expands, Wilbur and her team plan to allow visitors from other countries to join in, with an eventual goal of building the world’s largest online sharing community.

“A lot of help is available nationally, but we know that a global reach would only better the lives of our members. It’s all part of our long-term plan; we are confident that good-old community support can prevail once again,” Wilbur concludes.

To check out the site, please visit: http://www.reciproty.com/

The site’s progress can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

About ReciProty
ReciProty is a new and unique community networking website that re-establishes our community support system of yesteryear, but only better. By organizing all resources on a local level, ReciProty is advancing our current community support, business networking, and marketing opportunities to the Next Level!