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Reclaimed Sand Market Latest Report with Forecast 2017–2025


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2019 -- Global Reclaimed Sand Market: Overview

The global reclaimed sand market is anticipated to witness rising growth in the market due to rise in demand for purified sand for conservation of environment, global shortage of industrial grade sand, and foundry applications. Reclaimed sand causes better mold stability due to its thermal expansion properties, reclaimed sand is better compared to fresh sand as it is rounded in shape, it causes lesser demand for binding, reclaimed sand can be used with any chemical binder system, reclaimed sand does not leave any residue as it is entirely recycled, it reduced the demand for new sand, and is highly energy efficient. These factors are likely to boost the global reclaimed sand market remarkably during the forecast period.

The global reclaimed sand market by equipment is segmented into pneumatic sand transporter, lump reducer, air preheater, screw feeder, skip hoist, fluidished bed combustor, pneumatic cool sand transporter, fluidized bed cooler, and dust extraction system. Among these, the

The reclaimed sand obtained through mechanical, dynamic, or thermal reclamation processes is extensively used in a variety of foundry applications, in the chemical industry, and in the commercial and residential sectors.

The report offers a comprehensive evaluation of the global reclaimed sand market with special focus on dynamics of market including market drivers, restrains, trends, and opportunities. The report also provides regional and other segmentation study of the market based on accurate facts and figures.

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Global Reclaimed Sand Market: Trends

The reclaimed sand market is expecting a boost in the market because it can be reused and reconditioned without the need of eliminating its original properties. It helps in reducing the wastage of lost sand grains in foundries. The process is cost effective thus, leading to rise in demand for global reclaimed sand market. The process of reclaimed sand requires little new sand thus leading to conservation of natural resources. The reclaimed sand provides better surface shape and texture of the sand grains. It reduces the disposal of waste sand. These factors are likely to increase the demand for global reclaimed sand market in the coming years. The reclaimed sand eliminates ground water and air pollution caused from discarded sand. The scarcity of new sand is an environmental issue which reclaimed sand is successful is taking care of by replacing new sand. This would work as a huge step towards conservation of natural resource. Government's stringent regulation regarding the mining of new sand is favorable for the growth of global reclaimed sand market.

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Global Reclaimed Sand Market: Companies Mentioned

Some of the leading players operating in the global reclaimed sand market are lluka Resources, Parthenon Resources, Tochu Corp, Lafarge-Holcim, and Sibelco Group.