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Reconnected Soul Offers New Methods of Alternative Healing


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2012 -- In these chaotic modern times, many are feeling an increasing sense of disconnectedness, isolation and disillusionment. Despite the rapid progression of globalization and the internet, loneliness is said to be increasing and depression is on the rise.

Reconnected Soul believes the key to reclaiming our happiness and living a fulfilled life is by facing, feeling and healing our wounds. This process enables us to reconnect to our Soul and to Divine Source allowing us to cope better with day to day stresses as well as fulfill our search for meaning and significance.

The company is founded on the practices of energy healer and teacher Magi, (Mari Angelique Raphael) who offers a range of new and innovative alternative healing solutions.

The site offers two unique healing methodologies developed by Magi, Emotional Energetic Healing© and Cosmic Shamanism©. These healing methodologies work your energy field/consciousness (using various tools as guided by your Soul and Divine Source) to enable you to authentically feel your deepest emotions allowing you to heal in a very safe and loving environment.

Reconnected Soul also offers Soul Healing, a very different process designed to improve the lives of people suffering from depression, apathy and despair; "it can help you heal your unresolved wounds and stop interference by the dark that are keeping you in separation to your Soul & Divine Source. As you heal your wounds multi-dimensionally and from all your lifetimes (past, present and future) simultaneously, you will take back the Truth of whom you really are as a Soul."

Shamanic Healing is designed for helping those with fearful or self destructive tendencies, "to help access the hidden pieces to their 'Soul Puzzle'. These hidden pieces are keeping people stuck, overwhelmed, paralyzed with fear, making the same mistakes over and over again which results in self-sabotaging and self-destructive patterns and being in separation to your Soul & Divine Source."

A former client had this to say of the services she received from Reconnected Soul, “The most powerful internal energy work I have ever encountered in my life has been with Magi, as she understands and provides the very basic fundamentals of energy healing, love and compassion. These are the simple things that we need to evolve within our Souls. We can’t do it alone.”

About Reconnected Soul
Reconnected Soul offers a range of alternative healing methodologies to help people cope with various mental, emotional and spiritual problems and setbacks. Reconnected Soul combines Magi’s talents, abilities and knowledge as an Empath, Cosmic Shaman and Oracle with her high level management experience in corporate training and organizational development including the fundamentals of business and corporate culture. For more information visit: