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Record High Employment Rate Calls for Offices to Step Up Their Resources: Bevlan Comments


Rishton, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2016 -- At the close of 2015, the UK employment rate peaked, with more than 30 million people currently in work – meaning that workspaces, especially offices, are busier than ever before. In turn, an anticipated trend for 2016, in order for the positive growth to continue, is improved workspace management. This means offices need to be readily equipped to take on more staff, through appropriate furniture, resources and training. The figures were released by the Office for National Statistics, which showed that a record-high employment rate for the UK had been reached at 73.9%.

There is the potential for further increases into 2016, if workplaces take appropriate action to make their offices more expansive. It is inevitable that more resources are needed; as the figures indicate that there are over half a million more workers now than at this point last year. In the space of a year the number of employees in any one place can rise rapidly; and to make the most of this effectively businesses have to invest appropriately. Keen to comment on this was Bevlan, a prime provider of office furnishings with extensive experience in the industry:

"The rising employment rate could be seen as a good economic sign – as well as a sign of productive business. To continue this efficiency forward, the best businesses will be ensuring that they have dynamic resources; so they can readily take on more staff and continue to top the trend. A key component within this is opting for intelligent, multi-use office furnishings and filling out the workspace accordingly – something we provide with our wide range of designs here at Bevlan. 24-hour chairs and versatile office desks are particularly important and allow workspaces to operate multiple shifts and even accommodate 'hotdesking'. Turning the office into a place capable of coping with expansion is important in 2016 after all."

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