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Recorders.com Now Offering the Newest Dragon® Medical Practice Edition Software


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- Recorders.com, the leading supplier of digital dictation equipment in the United States, is now offering Dragon® Medical Practice Edition. The new medical solutions software is an upgrade to v10.1 and features a greater level of performance, a higher level of accuracy and out-of-the-box support for more applications.

Every day, doctors, surgeons and other professionals in the medical industry have to transcribe numerous patient cases and reports for their records and provide communication on a multitude of action items. The time it takes to complete these recordings and correspondences can quickly add up, further taking time away from a person’s already busy schedule.

According to Recorders.com, the new Dragon Medical Practice Edition, http://www.recorders.com/2258-Dragon-Medical-Practice-Edition-Upgrade-from-Medical.aspx, allows healthcare professionals to produce documents three times faster and with 99 percent accuracy.

Whether a medical professional is emailing, dictating a patient’s records, researching the Internet, or navigating their EMR, Dragon Medical Practice Edition can assist them in completing their task quicker.

Recorders.com states, “Dragon Medical Practice Edition has arrived and it is simply brilliant. With a clear focus on changing your work experience, the new edition advances even further with a clear goal to throttle speed and accuracy, while providing a simpler interface and more flexible engine to improve the way you work.”

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the eleventh version of the medical solutions software and provides the most enhanced features yet.

The software upgrade offers 15 percent more accuracy than v10.1, keyboard based corrections, improved voice recognition, improved recognition speed, a new sidebar and updated user interface for enhanced navigation, a smart configuration that helps with hardware integration, recognition analytics to ensure the optimal audio quality, playback enhancements, HIPAA support, medical templates, Bluetooth support, medical vocabularies, multiple format support and much more.

To upgrade to the new Dragon Medical Practice Edition, a person must already be running V 9 or V 10 or Dragon Medical Small Practice Edition V 9 or V 10. If one of these versions is not already owned, a person can purchase the full Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

For more information about the new medical solutions software upgrade, Dragon Medical Practice Edition, visit http://www.recorders.com

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Recorders.com is the leading supplier of digital dictation equipment in the United States. The company has been in the dictation, transcription and voice recognition industry for more than 10 years. The organization was established to help an ever growing mobile society communicate information quickly and easily.