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Recruit Young Confronts Youth Unemployment with Ingenuity

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for the ‘Recruit Young’ crowdfunding project on Oxford Brookes University’s Hubbub. This campaign seeks to tackle the unemployment problem with an innovative website.


Oxford, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- Founded by Dina Douglas, a student at Oxford Brooks University, Recruit Young is an award winning idea that is geared toward putting a big dent in the unemployment problem. While it does focus on youth unemployment, the website is open to jobseekers of all ages. There are over one million young people, none of which are currently in any form of school or training program, who are battling unemployment in the U.K. This number is increasing annually with every graduation cycle which has inspired Douglas to find a working solution for these unemployed, yet highly employable graduates.

One of the biggest factors that lead to the unemployment rate is the fact that in the world of lucrative employment, experience is highly desirable. Unfortunately for most of these graduates, that is the one thing they do not possess. They are stuck in a catch 22 position; they can’t get hired without experience, but they can’t get experience without first being hired. Many of them rely very heavily upon their CV or resume, highlighting their abilities and scholastic achievements, while hoping to detract from their lack of relevant work experience. That is the biggest hurdle that Dina Douglas’ website will help these young graduates and self-taught individuals overcome. Recruit Young is an interactive recruitment website that will give these young jobseekers a forum wherein they can display their skills and abilities, allowing them to physically demonstrate what they are capable of. It will utilize the best aspects of social media, basically merging sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, and give jobseekers a platform for selling themselves to potential employers.

With this plan in mind, Dina Douglas has launched her campaign on Hubbub, which is Oxford Brookes University’s crowdfunding platform. She is hoping to raise at least £2500 by July 26, 2014. This will enable her to keep the site free. In the hopes of reaching her funding goal, she is offering several rewards for different funding amounts. These rewards, which serve as great incentives for potential contributors, range from a handwritten thank you note, to upgraded status on the site, or even dinner with the founder and a surprise thank you gift. Full details about the campaign and project can be found on Dina Douglas’ campaign page.

About Recruit Young
Recruit Young is a new interactive recruitment website that would allow job-seekers to actually demonstrate their skills, talents, and abilities rather than relying upon a written resume or CV. It was founded by Law and Psychology student Dina Douglas, who won the OBSEA award for this innovative idea.

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