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Lincoln, RI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- There are many good websites and tools available online that can help recruiters in their recruitment process. Many of them are paid tools but some of them are free services. Below are some of the free websites or tools that are widely used and very helpful for recruiters : This is definitely the best website for recruiters in their recruitment process. Recruiters can join groups and post discussions and job discussions for free. They can connect with other recruiters and jobseekers. They have a huge database of users/jobseekers and recruiters can easily see the recommendations and references This is one of the leading classified website in USA. Many small companies and employers are using this website for free job posting. Some cities have paid job posting which is still affordable compared to other job websites. Since it has very high traffic, the jobs requirements are seen by many users and recruiters and employers can get lot of responses. This is a really nice website for recruiters and can ease out many things in their recruitment process. First of all its totally free and one can post unlimited jobs. They provide unique feature where recruiters can just send email to given address and that job get published automatically. Recruiters also gets free access to resume database. All recruiters are given free virtual assistants also. Recruiters can connect with other recruiters and job seekers and increase their network. This is a website or medium from where the words can spread like anything. It needs little work initially to get some followers and network of people. Once you have that presence, then you can tweet your job requirements and it will be visible to many people. People following you can re tweet your tweet and you can see lot of responses. Many job aggregators and spiders keep looking for job tweets in twitter and they publish in their website

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