Recruitment Has Picked Up in Scotland, According to New Study


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2016 -- According to a recent survey conducted by Markit Data Consultancy, recruitment and salaries have recently shown an increase throughout Scotland. However, a shortage of accessible recruits has been reported to be assisting the rise of starting salaries.

Evidence for this study was compared from around one hundred employment consultants throughout the month on March, showing that for the past four months the number of permanent places obtained has been on the rise. The most growth was seen in the health and social, hospitality and computing sectors.

However, although growth-rates have seen an upturn in Scotland - the rest of the UK are still crawling behind and appearing to be much slower overall. This isn't something that we should be worrying about though –In the near future the demand of permanent recruits is set to pick-up and already the number of temporary jobs available is the highest that it's has been since December 2014.

Leading London based recruitment agency GSR2R were keen to comment on this study and a spokesperson has this to say:

"The Autumn and winter months might have seen slightly tougher conditions for recruitment, however we hold a lot of optimism for the months ahead and believe that we can get rates to an all-time high, even higher than those currently in Scotland."

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