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Recycled Glass Market to Expanding at 7.6% CAGR Up to 2024: Berry Glass, Momentum Recycling, Vetropack Holding Ltd, Ardagh Group, Owens Illinois Inc., Gallo Glass Company

A key challenge in the recycled glass market is the contamination by the unwanted materials present in product waste stream as contaminated products damage new products, reduce their sale ability and alter their physical properties.


Sellbyville, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/16/2018 -- According to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Recycled Glass Market size will surpass USD 4.4 billion by 2025.

The different sources include deposit program, curbside, buyback/drop off program. Among all, curbside will hold around one-third of the total recycled glass market throughout the forecast span. Curbside program includes material recovery facility which provide collection of single stream waste, followed by sorting and segregation of waste. This program will experience sluggish growth during forecast timespan owing to the production of low quality cullet.

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On revenue basis, clear cullet is likely to account for around 60% of the global recycled glass market in 2025. Clear cullet is manufactured generally from soda, beer bottle, flat glass, soft drink bottles, food bottles, including pickle jars, sauce bottle, honey, cider and others. Alcohol packaging industry play a vital role in the recycled product market as it acts as main raw material supplier and end-user industry of the product market.

The growing awareness worldwide regarding waste generation and the benefits of recycling has propelled the recycled glass market, which accumulated revenues of up to USD 2.4 billion in 2017. As numerous environmental issues are cropping up, governments and organizations are making efforts to discover improved methods of disposing waste as well as finding ways to reuse discarded products.

The deterioration of underlying soil and air surrounding waste landfills has prompted the turnaround of the recycled glass industry. It is observed that more businesses are preferring to send glass bottles and packaging to recycle factories rather than throw them out with other refuse. Glass bottles and containers are known to be 100% recyclable since the quality of glass does not degrade after the processing. With the food & beverages industry booming alongside the growing population, recurring use of glass packaging will sustain the recycled glass market.

Recycled glass is a sustainable material providing boundless ecological aids including contribution to mitigating climate change and saving valuable natural resources as vitric products can be recycled in close loop endlessly. On an average, the glass bottle has a recycling rate of 50% to 80% which conserve a significant amount of raw material. The use of product during the manufacturing of vitric products will also conserve the energy consumption as the cullet melt at a lower temperature than raw material.

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Consequently, low energy consumption is required for melting purpose. Increasing demand for the use of vitric products will fuel the recycled glass market owing to the inert property which preserve taste and nutrients of the food and beverage product. Additionally, it is also used in pharmaceutical industry to preserve the medicines composition and properties which will increase the demand of vitric products and further spur the recycled glass market.

Sweden recycled glass market is likely to generate the revenue around USD 6.9 million in 2025 as the government has provided various subsidiary on the product to increase the recycling rate of the vitrics products. According to Avfall Sverige, Sweden is aiming for zero waste future by the end of 2020. The country even imports waste from UK, Norway, Italy, etc. and recovers more energy from each ton of the product than other countries.

With the potential to lower environmental pollution from waste disposal and in efficient manufacturing of glass containers, the recycled glass market is poised for an anticipated 7.6% growth rate from 2018 to 2025. The dynamics of the recycled glass industry is characterized by key players including Strategic Materials, Berry Glass, Gallo Glass Company, Reiling Glass Recycling, Ardagh group, among others.

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Major players in the recycled glass industry which holds the major market chunk include Ardagh group, Momentum Recycling, Strategic Materials, Harsco Minerals International and Heritage Glass.