Recycled Rubber Products, LLC

Recycled Rubber Products, LLC Is Committed to Producing Safe, Eco-Friendly Playground Rubber Mulch


Joliet, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2015 -- Recycled Rubber Products, LLC is a family owned and operated business that provides its customers the highest quality playground-safe, eco-friendly recycled tire mulch. The company, based in Joliet, IL, is committed to providing a cleaner, safer world through their partnerships with Treadstone Tire Recycling, LLC and Tire Grinders, Inc. Through these associations, Recycled Rubber Products, LLC creates their patented KinderMulch out of used and unwanted rubber tires.

KinderMulch is Recycled Rubber Products, LLC's eco-friendly playground mulch. It is an ideal alternative to standard mulch, wood chips, sand and pea gravel. KinderMulch is durable, has a very forgiving texture and conforms to the Consumer Products Commission's safety guidelines. Furthermore, only 6 inches of safety-tested rubber mulch is needed to prevent serious playground injuries, whereas other substances need 12 inches. KinderMulch is available in three sizes: 3/4, 3/8, and shredded 3".

In addition to their KinderMulch, Recycled Rubber Products, LLC also offers RhinoMulch, which is landscaping rubber mulch. Both KinderMulch and RhinoMulch are 99% metal free and are made from clean, recycled, fiber-reinforced rubber tires. Recycled Rubber Products, LLC invites those interested in making a bulk rubber mulch purchase to request a sample. Each sample selection the company provides is taken directly from their product assembly line.

More information about Recycled Rubber Products, LLC and their durable, shock-absorbing KinderMulch can be found on their website. While there, visitors are invited to take advantage of the company's Mulch Area Calculator and request a quote by filling out the contact form. For questions, or to request an order, interested parties can call Recycled Rubber Products, LLC at 888-304-2718.

About Recycled Rubber Products, LLC
Since July 1995, Recycled Rubber Products, LLC has been in business to make a clean and safe environment by recycling used and unwanted rubber tires. Their eco-friendly rubber mulch, named Kinder Mulch, is safe for playgrounds. Their Playground Kindermulch 3/4, Premium KinderMulch 3/8, and Shredded 3 inch KinderMulch are 99% metal free.

To learn more about their rubber mulch, call them at 888-304-2718 or visit their website at