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Recycled Rubber Products, LLC Supplies Playsets for Back to School Activities


Joliet, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2015 -- When the winter months end, children will need some form of entertaining downtime once the warmer months roll back around. With every new spring season comes fun playtime spent with friends and siblings, which is why playsets are a beneficial backyard feature to have. This winter season, homeowners can opt to purchase a quality Gorilla brand playset from Recycled Rubber Products, LLC to get ready for the spring. Originally a source from which customers can buy rubber mulch in bulk, the company has expanded its retail to professional-grade playsets for kids. Their rubber mulch ground surface is a safe and nontoxic option that goes hand in hand with playsets and playgrounds.

This holiday season, parents can invest in an affordable playset for their kids to enjoy come springtime. Once the school day is over, playsets offer children a designated area for playing and having fun in their own backyards. Rather than having to travel miles to the nearest park for outdoor activities, kids can take pleasure in the same type of entertainment at home, with the installation of a quality playset. Playsets last for years and can be modified with new features to satisfy the kids as they grow older. Recycled Rubber Products, LLC offers a wide range of select style playsets that range in price to meet any budget.

Parents can customize the playset to the preference of their children, with optional features available such as sandboxes, wall climbs, swings, slides and more. Gorilla playsets are a great entertainment option that helps stimulate the brain by providing physical exercise, the encouragement of using imagination and the opportunity to socialize. Recycled Rubber Products, LLC is also a proud supplier of rubber mulch for schools.

About Recycled Rubber Products, LLC
Since July 1995, Recycled Rubber Products, LLC has been in business to make a clean and safe environment by recycling used and unwanted rubber tires. Their eco-friendly rubber mulch is safe for playgrounds, horse arenas, obstacle courses and landscaping. The company is also now an authorized dealer for Gorilla brand playsets, which provide children with an entertaining backyard experience.

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