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Red Cherry Digital Calgary Canada's Leading Digital Solutions Firm Discusses Google Usurped as #1 Website in 1 in 3 Countries

Red Cherry Digital Calgary Canada found that Facebook has snatched the #1 website crown from Google in 33% of countries, but the search engine is still top in 66% of countries around the world.


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- Red Cherry Digital Solutions has displayed the world’s most popular websites, search engines and social networking websites in three different maps. The findings show that Google is ranked the number one website in 60% of the 126 countries where website data is available; social networking site Facebook, meanwhile, is a close second with 33% of countries ranking it as number one.

The findings show that in Russia, the number one website is the search engine Yandex and in China, it’s Baidu. Yahoo is the favourite in Japan and Taiwan, while YouTube is top in Moldova. In Kazakhstan, is the most used website and in Belarus, social networking website is number one.

Globally, search engines are the most frequented websites, with social networking taking a close second. In fact, the report shows that in only two countries are the most popular sites neither of these. The outlier is, a free pay-to-click service that lets members earn money by viewing online adverts, and it’s the number one website in Bulgaria. In the Palestinian Territory, it’s the news website Alwatanvoice that takes the top spot.

Google is the number one search engine in 96% of the same countries and in only five countries is Google not top. Yandex is the number one search engine in Russia, while Baidu is top in China – both search engines founded in their respective countries. Yahoo is still top in Japan and Taiwan, while in Kazakhstan, the most used search engine is

Facebook is still the most used social networking site globally with 92% of countries ranking it as number one. In Russia, its own is the most popular website to catch up with friends and it’s also number one in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. In China homegrown social networking site Weibo, holds the number one crown. In Iran [due to strict controls on social networking etc.], the closest thing to a social networking site is the blogging platform Blogfa. is the most popular social networking site in Latvia, and in Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Uzbekistan, the most used social networking website is Odnoklassniki, which is a popular service for reuniting old friends and classmates.

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