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Red Cherry Digital Solutions Bags SEO and Web Development Work for Manchester Wedding Photographer Gautam Narayanan

Gautam Narayanan one of the leading Manchester based wedding photographers, is pleased to offer a wide range of new wedding photography services for 2014. They have appointed Red Cherry Digital Solutions Calgary as their SEO and Web Development company .


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2014 -- Wedding Photographer Gautam Narayanan, one of the leading Manchester based wedding photographers, is pleased to offer a wide range of new wedding photography services for 2014. Happy couples looking to arrange their big day will be able to choose from an extensive range of wedding photography packages, including a service which spans the whole week. An increasing number of wedding parties are looking to create an editorial memento of the happy occasion and Wedding Photographer Gautam Narayanan can spend an extensive amount of time with the bride, groom and other relevant parties over the course of the week.

While Wedding Photographer Gautam Narayanan has always offered a pre-wedding meeting and venue scouting service as part of their package, they are now looking to roll out an increased number of options for couples looking for more from their wedding photography. A pre-wedding shoot has become a popular choice for many couples, with many bride and grooms using these snaps on their big day or as part of the thank you process in the aftermath of the wedding. The increased range of options provided by Wedding Photographer Gautam Narayanan is sure to make them one of the most popular wedding photographers in Manchester in 2014.

The firm will provide all clients with a DVD or USB stick with the edited high resolution images. The company will also create an online photo album where the snaps will be made available to friends and family members. The increasing number of computer and technical possibilities available with photography ensures that there are more ways for the bride and groom to involve their loved ones. This is something that Wedding Photographer Gautam Narayanan aims to make an integral part of their 2014 service, which is sure to see them regarded as the number one Manchester wedding photographer.

As well as improving computer technology, the company is able to benefit from an increasing array of print options. Wedding Photographer Gautam Narayanan provides considerable flexibility in how the wedding images can be collated. Couples are encouraged to choose a stylish and desirable wedding booklet or presentation set for themselves with more affordable packages being made available to provide to guests or key family members.

Wedding Photographer Gautam Narayanan have a sterling reputation for Manchester based wedding photography and the firm has captured many memorable moments throughout 2013. However, with a new range of wedding photography service and improved product range, the firm looks forward to capturing the memorable moments for clients throughout 2014.

Red Cherry Digital Solutions has been appointed as their Web Development and SEO managing company.

About Wedding Photographer Gautam Narayanan
At the heart of Wedding Photographer Gautam Narayanan, a leading Manchester wedding photography firm, is Gautam Narayanan. Gautam Narayanan has had his photography work published in journals such as the NME, The Guardian, the New York Times and Mojo Magazine. This has enabled Phil, and the firm, to provide a stylish and unique take on traditional wedding photographs. The firm is committed to providing the complete wedding photography package, and they are keen to provide as strong a range of options and services to all of their clients.

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