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Red Cherry Digital Solutions Discusses Effects of "Strong" and "B" Tags on SEO Practices

Over the years, there have been huge words about the effects of HTML tags “strong” and “bold” on SEO practices. While the basic nature of both the tags seems different in terms of HTML, it is quite similar when one taken the SEO in context.


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- Over the years, there have been discussions about the effects of HTML tags, “strong” and “bold” on SEO practices. There might seem much of differences than similarities as per HTML but when we are concerned about its effects on SEO, there practically is not much difference between the two. Red Cherry Digital Solutions, one of the most renowned SEO firms in Calgary , takes the topic to the next level by discussing it thoroughly.

“Taking both SEO and HTML in context”, says an SEO expert from the company, “the only fundamental difference between “strong” and “bold” tags is that the former is an indication, while the latter is a style.”

Dan Carter, CEO Red Cherry Digital Solutions, Calgary's #1 SEO Company said, “strong” is semantic, which describes the text it is put on, while “bold” focuses more on how the text should be displayed. But in current SEO practices, we have been told there is no major difference between the two anyhow – which is indeed 99.99% true.

Now that it is clear that both the tags do not help the websites ranking to elevate even by an inch, the use of these tags is now more about interacting with users effectively by highlighting certain parts of the content.

The head of Google's web spam team has himself commented about the topic: “No difference between the two tags”. He said, “There was no difference in how Google treats the “strong” tag and the “b” tag when it came to ranking, scoring or other search factors, the same is true for or the “em” and “i” tags when using italics. Things might have changed since 2006, but I really kind of doubt it.”

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