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Red Cherry Web Design & SEO Firm, Launches Innovative Private Client Dashboard


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Red Cherry, a Calgary web design and SEO firm, has designed and implemented a new, intuitive way for clients to access data about their website. Yesterday marked the launch of Private Client Dashboard, a personalized portal reached from Red Cherry’s homepage. For the first time, SEO clients can get automatically-updated reports on keyword rankings, website traffic, and social metrics without waiting.

Most internet marketing companies keep crucial analytic s private, only sharing them monthly in manually-compiled, often confusing reports. With this new tool, Red Cherry aims to change all of that by allowing clients to log in at any time to view easy-to-read, clearly-labelled reports and graphs. Founder and CMO Dan Carter still encourages clients to reach out if they’d like to discuss or analyze the information, but business owners now have the ability to do it on their own as well.

The Private Client Dashboard will go a long way in demystifying the work that SEO firms do. The tool makes it easy for even people who are not tech-savvy to monitor their website’s success, as well as Red Cherry’s success. Clients can now use the data to hold the firm accountable and communicate with marketers and programmers using a common language. “I don’t want our clients to feel like what we do for them is a mystery,” Burt said. “This makes it transparent so they can see and understand the evidence of our work together every step of the way.”

Though Red Cherry’s clients have only started to explore the software, they are already giving positive feedback. For many small and mediums-sized businesses, internet marketing is a serious investment that can be crucial to their success. With Private Client Dashboard, they feel like they are better able to keep their finger on the pulse of their business.

Constant access to this important information can also help with a client’s internal business efforts. Many find it helpful to use quantifiable evidence of their success when they, themselves, are courting new clients and opportunities. “The information our clients get from the dashboard is extremely useful, and now they have the full power of it in their hands any time they choose,” Burt said.

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