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Rediscovering What's Most Important: New Book by Anthony Coleman Boldly Defines Love & It's Vitality


Ardmore, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- While love is easily the most important thing in life, Pennsylvania’s Anthony Coleman openly shares his dissatisfaction at how society portrays what love really is. Wanting to help society better understand this powerful emotion and the connections it creates in life, Coleman is delighted to announce his powerful and potentially life-changing new non-fiction book.

‘Rediscovering What’s Most Important’ showcases the true meaning of love and how it influences relationships with friends, family, strangers and ultimately one’s self.


Do you actually know what love is? Are you sure? In this short book, love is defined and explained in our everyday life by certain connections we have. These connections are what shapes who we are, where we are headed, and our position in the world.

As the author explains, his book helps each reader discover the total meaning of love, something that is vital to accepting its power and role in life.

“With all the connections we have in life that love creates, the love in each connection are the same. We can't say that the love we have with a significant other is important and not value the love we have for ourselves. We can't say that the love we have for family is important and not care about strangers. If we are going to accept love for what it truly is, we must accept all of love and not just the good/easy parts,” says Coleman, Certified Life Coach and President of the VOICE Group.

Continuing, “We must learn to not change the meaning of love, but change ourselves by the meaning of love. We must teach ourselves, as well as our children how and why to cherish love above all else because it's our greatest motivation in life! The purpose of this book is to bring awareness to all those who would claim love, but in their thoughts and actions would only claim ignorance and indifference.”

While just twenty one years-old, Coleman has vast experiences with love and feels wholly qualified to use them as examples for others.

“Like everyone else in the world, I’ve got plenty of experiences with the connections that love creates. I’m now on a mission to share with others all I have learned in the hope that they can question their own beliefs and improve their life and the lives of those around them,” he adds.

With the book’s popularity set to soar, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Rediscovering What’s Most Important’ is available now: http://bit.ly/12lqSt1

For more information, follow the VOICE Group at: http://www.voicegroup.org

About the Author
Anthony grew up like an average kid; went to school, had a dream job, did what was expected of him, etc. In high school, 9th and 10th grade was his honor roll years; he had good grades and did not have any worries, until 11th grade started. 11th grade was the turning point in Anthony’s life. The things he thought was important seemed trivial, and he yearned for more understanding about life and what’s most important in it.

What society (Parents, teachers, peers, etc.) said what was important and what was necessary to succeed was not convincing Anthony, so he did not accept society’s philosophy. During 11th grade, Anthony lost interest in school (the status) and choose to go down the path of personal development. He went from thinking life was pointless to money is everything to finally….Love.

Anthony understood what love is and everything started making sense; love is what’s most important in the world. He found the truth of God’s love and chose Christianity while trying to do his best to live a Godly life. During 11th and 12th grade, all Anthony worked on was projects that was developing and strengthening his character and mindset. He read plenty of books including self-helps and ended up writing his first book called My Philosophy.

Feeling excited and inspired about finding truth, Anthony also feels disturbed and disappointed about seeing how his fellow peers are living without it. With all that he learned and knows to be true, Anthony knew he could not keep what he knew to himself, so he chose to stand for bringing the truth back into the hearts of people who lost sight of what’s most important.