Mike Garcia

Redondo Beach CA Based "Sustainability" Defenders "Mike Garcia" and "Naomi Howison" Announce Japanese American Educational Campaign to Expand Raw Xocai Products Into Kitakyushu, Hiratsuka and Gifu Japan with "MXI Corp" Cowboy Adam Green


Las Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2013 -- "Sustainability" is the new word everybody is talking about these days. All know Sustainability is good, and is something we must all practice, but the question on people's mind these days is this....Just what is Sustainability? Sustainability expert and EnviroscapeLA Founder Mike Garcia of Redondo Beach has worked in the area of Sustainability for over 30 years and answers that question this way. "Sustainability" is living today, without borrowing from tomorrow". This means that as a community and larger society, we must pay attention to everyday practices which will have an impact on future generation. This encompasses the need for all of us to "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"

Company leaders point out that before Xoçai introduced its groundbreaking chocolate to the marketplace, many consumers did not widely recognize the natural health benefits of chocolate. Xoçai has been a trailblazer in helping the public recognize that dark chocolate, if prepared and processed correctly, does indeed possess an impressive benefit profile, and can be enjoyed regularly by health-conscious consumers focused on nutrition, weight loss, energy, anti-aging and other health concerns. The newly approved trademark bodes well for the company’s future. Brooks stated, “The ‘Healthy Chocolate’ trademark enhances our strategic position as we continue to expand our business, helping us create an even brighter future for our distributors and customers involved in the wellness, nutrition and direct sales industries.”


EnviroscapeLA, a sustainable landscape construction firm specializing in green solutions in the landscape and building Japanese Koi ponds.  EnviroscapeLA's work has been featured in numerous magazines and television shows and has been the recipient of local, state, national and international awards.