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Reduce Abdominal Obesity Through Diet and Exercise


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2013 -- Excess abdominal fat has been known to put men and women at increased risk for developing a variety of conditions, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and other debilitating disorders. With more physicians noting the connection between the two factors, a variety of research based lifestyle programs have arisen to assist patients in reducing abdominal obesity.

A recent study released at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress showed the effectiveness of high-intensity interval training programs had when combined with the Mediterranean diet in regards to tackling abdominal obesity. While many diet plans and nutritional changes have been noted to affect positive change in weight, the Mediterranean diet has been studied the longest which was why it was referenced in the study.

Over the course of nine months, participants in the study lost an average of eight centimeters from around their waist and experienced a drop in overall blood pressure as well as an improvement in aerobic fitness performance. Other heart benefits of combining the Mediterranean diet and high-intensity interval training included an overall reduction in body fat mass, cholesterol, and an increased amount of muscle endurance. All these factors combined can add years to a person’s life and improve the quality of their existence.

Study participants engaged in the high-intensity interval training program two to three times per week in addition to nutritional changes. The Mediterranean diet favors an increased intake in vegetables, whole grains, fish and olive oil, all of which can improve heart health and lower blood pressure. The longer the participants kept up the program, the healthier their lives became, showing it’s never too late to start a new nutrition or fitness regimen.

While the combination of diet and exercise does assist in reducing abdominal obesity, physicians wanted to remind the public that things do not happen overnight. “There is no magic bullet,” advised Dr. Beth Abramsom of the Heart and stroke Foundation. “It comes down to basics and how we live our lives.”

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