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Reduce Allergies for Outdoor Workouts


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- As spring rolls in, many who have been stuck exercising indoors flock outside to enjoy the sun and fresh air of a new season. However, for a few this allure of outdoor activity is dampened by seasonal allergies. Fortunately, for those who suffer from allergies there are ways to help prevent and alleviate a few of the symptoms that will allow individuals to enjoy outdoor activity any time of the year.

If a person knows they’re sensitive to pollen in the air, there are sport goggles that they can wear during outdoor activity. If the pollen doesn’t make contact with the eyes, symptoms will be reduced or alleviated. Along the same lines, covering the hair with a hat can reduce the pollen carried on the body. Microscopic particles can stick to hair and be brought inside to irritate a person later in the day. A hat can prevent this, and one with a bill can offer additional sun protection.

In addition to covering, we should be rinsing as well. Showering off after outdoor activity will wash pollen residue from skin, and changing clothes right away will keep it from irritating the eyes and nose with movement throughout the day. Washing clothing wore outside will also keep the irritants from floating throughout the house.

Rinsing the outside is good, and we should also focus on rinsing inside the body as well. Experts stress staying adequately hydrated during seasonal allergy periods, as well as continuing to eat a healthy diet. Nutrition and hydration will not only make individuals feel better overall and improve their health, it will enable the body to resist irritation from pollen more effectively.

If after all of these steps a person is still left struggling with allergy symptoms, discuss treatment options with a physician. There are numerous over-the-counter treatment options, though some can make a person drowsy. Talking with a doctor can help narrow down choices and assist in finding an allergy treatment right for each individual case.

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