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hCG Treatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Medically Supervised Rapid Weight Loss Helping Patients Nationwide Reduce Weight Related Back Pain

Carrying excess weight puts extra pressure on the spine causing nagging, painful and oftentimes debilitating back pain. Diet Doc offers a simple and sensible hCG diet plan, providing a sensible solution that has helped thousands obesity related back pain.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2013 -- Because carrying excess weight places added pressure on the spine, a very significant side effect of obesity and being overweight is painful and often debilitating lower back pain. Over time, fibers that surround the discs of the back can wear away leading to several back issues, including osteoarthritis of the spine.

Extra weight that is carried in the mid or abdominal region of the body may cause the pelvis to tilt forward. This increases the curve in the lower back and is referred to as lordosis. This back disease forces the back muscles to tighten, causing additional strain and pain in the lower back. Studies show that the majority of back surgeries are obesity related and those persons that do undergo this invasive surgery are also more apt to suffer surgical complications, as well as prolonged hospitalizations. Dr. Andre Panagos, co-director of the Spine Center at New York Presbyterian Hospital reports, "In my office, every single person who loses a significant amount of weight reports back pain relief and improvement". Panagos believes the reason for this is related to a decrease in the amount of work that muscles need to do in order to accomplish everyday tasks once weight loss has been achieved.

With obesity now considered an American epidemic, and the number of weight related conditions steadily rising, many are resorting to invasive and potentially high risk diet alternatives. Diet Doc offers a simple solution to avoid potentially dangerous surgical procedures and to help with back pain relief from those suffering from weight related back pain. The company’s medically supervised hCG diet plans produce equal to and often greater weight loss than these invasive and risky alternatives.

Diet Doc patients are boasting hCG diet fast weight loss, and in the most difficult and stubborn areas of the body, such as the belly, hips, thighs and underarms. By simply following the nutritionist-designed nutrient rich hCG diet plans with the administration of medically supervised pure prescription hCG, patients are losing weight quickly, looking better, feeling better and reporting back pain relief.

Prior to patients committing to changing their lives by losing excess weight, a medical evaluation and doctor consultation will be successfully completed. Based on this information, each patient will receive a personalized hCG diet plan, tailor made to their individual nutritional, lifestyle and medical needs. These hCG diet plans are rich in essential nutrients while incorporating a wide range of delicious and healthy food choices making the diet plans interesting and motivating. hCG, available by prescription only, and available in three convenient varieties including tablets, injections, and hCG drops will be administered under medical supervision to be used in conjunction with the uniquely designed hCG diet plans. This dynamic duo has the ability to signal the brain to target stores of unhealthy and unwanted fat. Because the patient is consuming a low calorie diet consisting of green leafy vegetables and healthy lean proteins, this stored fat is forced into the bloodstream and burned as the body’s primary source of fuel. The result is safe and fast weight loss with patients quickly noticing reduced lower back pain, a trimmer waistline, thighs, hips and underarms.

These unique hCG diet plans have generated natural weight loss for clients across the country and have helped each patient enjoy a longer, more active and healthier future by losing weight while releasing excess pressure on the spine, offering back pain relief.

Because Diet Doc stands firm in the commitment to provide only the most potent and safest form of hCG, this powerful hormone cannot be found on store shelves and is available to clients by prescription only and subsequent to doctor approval. Each patient’s transition to a slimmer and healthier body is monitored and medically supervised with scheduled weekly communication. This personalized contact alerts doctors of any weight loss plateaus or issues that may be hindering fast weight loss, allowing them to identify, make adjustments and resolve the issues quickly.

By providing only pure 100% prescription medication, hCG diet plans that are uniquely designed to fit comfortably into each dieter’s lifestyle and a level of service unequaled by competitors, Diet Doc has become the most reliable and trusted prescription weight loss plan in the country.

Everyone who needs to lose unhealthy, unwanted excess weight, is invited to call today to schedule a free and confidential consultation with a Diet Doc physician, done easily over the phone or via Skype.

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